HeroScape Donation
HeroScape Donation

Make sure you have the e-transfer secret answer ready when you submit your donations.

When you Donate you are given things.
Things such as:

- A Donators ranking on HeroScape.
- Access to donator zones on the game.
- 5$ donation or more you are given gold points in increments of 10k.
- Ability to open your bank everywhere but the wilderness.
- Access to post tutorials where you get rewards upon community ranking.
You get this entitlement forever.
- There is a donator points shop where you can receive points and buy exclusive items.
- A donator's crown beside your name.
You get this forever if you have donated a minimum of $5.
Please understand that we are undergoing development.
Things will be brought into comission as time goes on.

NOTE: You do not have to donate for any item already made in runescape. none is Pay 2 play
You can get every item from the game.

Thank You
- Michael IO

Please click here to submit your donation