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Things have changed
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13-04-2018 11:28
my questions: how do i open grand exchange.

where is the new skill that was "coming soon" it
was gonna be under mask tab?.

i tried to defeat the lunar boss but failed...
anyone know what i should use?

the dungeoneering skill seems to get very little
to no xp at all at easy 1 - 2 player floors
1st floor gave me level 4 2 floor gave me
level 6 3rd floor gave me level 8 4th floor
gave me level 10... do i have to fight all
npc's to get full xp? or is that the xp for
any 1 - 2 player floors?.
sorry if these aren't "questions" im still new to the forums if this is in the wrong section then im sorry :P

edit: things have changed as in i meant like i cant open the bank from right click anymore nor can i open grand exchange with right click the log in screen has changed i do like it :) the interface where you click launch has changed looks nice.
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13-04-2018 18:35
Sorry for the mishap...

Grand exchange now works again.

will keep you updated on the rest