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Hello everyone.
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20-06-2018 18:37
Hello! My Name is Jonathan, I am a RSPS player of around 8 or 9 years now. I enjoy my RSPS time when I have the free time, I enjoy meeting new people. I'm pretty chill, and laid back so if you see me in-game just message me, or talk to me. I'm 22, I live in WV, Located in the United States of America. I maxed RS3 on January, 9th(?) of 2017, even though my account is gone. I play a bit of League of Legends as well when I can. I hit Diamond 3 in season 7, and Diamond 5 recently S8. I enjoy cars as well, so if you wanna chat about cars, I'd love to! I drive a 2015, Nissan 370z, I did have a 2017 subaru WRX for about a year before the 370z. Anyway, that's all that I can think of for now, so hit me up anytime! Have a good one. :)
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22-06-2018 01:04
Welcome :)

i had a Runescape 3 binge that lasted 8 months.

thats what it ended in. i had acouple 99's it was some fun. the co owner actually plays league of legends, racial. but i dont think hes gonna be with us anymore.

My favourite car would have to be the Chrystler 300c.

im glad to have you on the server jon, hope to be seeing you around and tell your friends@ you get rewards for refferals in the future. or by my own two hands,


- Mikers IO/Mod Mikers