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08-09-2018 01:56
Feedback of Heroscape:

+ The fact is that this server is one of the only server that really feels rewarded while leveling. Compeard to any other server this exp rate is perfect, whats the actual Point of playing on a server and reaching 99 whithin 20 mins, that just results that the economy will get crashed very fast!

+ Mike big props for you that you still developing this server even tho it not very Active player-base but i will help you out with advertisement soon!

+ Never change the exp-rate just becuase of lazy people around on private servers, i Think you and i mike share the opinion of: " People has to work hard to get on the top of hischores"

- The only downside due the fact that others often plays to get on the top on highscorse now i assume that some of the accounts with all 99s are test accounts but is it possible to get those off hiscores as long as they didnt hit it while playing.

- Spawn items if i take it as it sounds i Think some lazy people would enjoy it, but i Think you should Think over it, isnt it better that people has to shred for the gear instead of spawning it? :) That would result that they actually stays Active in order to get those gear up!

However, i had a break from playing but once i returned to the PC i downloaded the game-client, now you'll see me on Daily! And ive been gone for 3 weeks but DUDE you done so much good things such as the teleport tab! keep it up!
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10-03-2019 10:48
thank you shockz, well. i think we're approaching extinction. something just isnt fetching on the world wide web and even my graphics portfolio website has a different directory on the https side, i think the nets gonna switch like ourlittle heart attack belprovery. anyway, thanks for the support i will keep you updated about everything, i havnent been on lately because of band camp but i will slowly lurk back over here and put out some content, okay. thanks shockz!