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03-11-2018 22:46
just came back and saw i wasn't reset yet? even tho it looks like it's out of beta but i can't do !Item anymore :( but overall nice changes has been made like being able to bank items or maybe that was already there >_>.also like the ability to go to locations from the skills tab really nice change :D. doesn't look like much has changed. just wondering if !item was disabled or not :( since i can't do it anymore :/. also happy to see the server is back up <3. (not sure if this is in the right place or not. sorry if it is not).
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22-11-2018 23:48
there is going to be a preference for players that will allow you to become a "spawner" and use the !item command again, but u wont be able to trade. u wont be able to drop, and u wont be able to loot from the wilderness if you are a spawner, it will split up the skillers and the spawners. u wont be able to use the grand exchange if your a spawner aswell...

ill keep you updated :)