18-01-2018 23:57 - Sphynx  
I was able to add the features modules back to the home page of the website like the ones runescape use to have back in 2009-2008 and i added a custom search bar. as you can see i also added a splash page with a small video on it as a teaser.. you can access it here (

I am rewarding people for videos of the server so if you can get any submitted to me you can do so by messaging myself (Michael IO) and i will review them and add them to the Media section.

I have added more Player vs player content to the server aswell. You can now PVP anywere in the game by going to the pvp realm in the gas mask tab. it will enable PVP mode and you can go from there, amongst the 3 PK locations such as Edgeville and others. There is a Kill and death count now added to the website which displays just that. also a kill hiscores will be completed that is accessible by the highscores section here.

There will be a big update coming which is the population of sophanem and Menaphos. there will be a bossing area and a teleportation style that comes with it.

- Michael IO

  Defiled - 05/02/2018 18:08 - Sweet  
I look forward to checking out this update, goodwork!

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