13-01-2019 18:55 - Crash, bang, Berndicoot!  
Hello Hero-Scape community!

I have reached a turn in my life where my dad will be passing uninspiringly at any time fo0r hes an elder.

The VPS is currently down and the server is not online at this time, all files were backed up and i am looking to host my server in a better place then something virtual. i havent worked on the server much since the last time i updated which has believe it or not been about a month, barely many have registered since my first server loss but atleast i kept the same server name and domain...right?

The website will remain up and fully functional but the actual server itself im afraid to inform everyone is currently offline. but i promise that i really want to keep this community for equality purposes of third person administration,.

If you want to talk to me you can go to my personal website which is ( HERE
or email me at

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