03-09-2020 12:59 - RS3 has come...  
Hello Community!

We have recently came across enough time to get Hero-Scape up and running and we are in the time to hire a whole team of staff to help me govern the server! I will be hiring 4 moderators and one administrator to help me with this, there will also be developers and donators!

There will be no grand exchange for a while until i find a way to impliment it in regards to the server base, I need someones help on extracting the cache to disable and remove the snow in the server, I will pay!

Runespan is 100% and ready to play, just head on over to the wizard toward in draynor using the lodestone teleports, all lodestones are activated and confirmed! There is also a teleport interface with new animations in account settings.

Brainiac is still to come, i need help on extracting and locating brainiac in the cache, i will pay!

PvP and NvN is activated just journey all throughout hero-scape! you can find alot of Npc vs Npc combat at the god wars dungeon,

Revolution of combat is activated and in order, there are all of the effects in real runescape that are in hero-scape and i will be adding a quantum energy skill which will give you more effects, test it out anywhere u go in hero-scape by using the action bar and spells in the magic spellbook.

The client automaticly downloads the cache and the cache size is 6GB! yes thats right, 6gb! so have fun everyone this revision is to stay!

For any questions contact mod mikers in game or on the forums!

- Mod Mikers

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