Delete Heroscape cache

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What we're going to do is delete everything from your current HeroScape download and start fresh.
Need me to explain a little more? Well, HeroScape uses a cache streaming system that downloads the mapdata from the server in very tiny bits.
allowing you to play the game as your downloading it, and the client to play the game is only 4Megabytes.
The cache does not contain anything needed that is personal like passwords and such, but it does have your graphics settings. The whole cache is about 252mb.
Its not alot but it still looks super sweet!
Go to "My Computer" or "my PC" (On Windows 10) and go to your local disc drive, this is usually "C:/". from there you must see if the folder "Heroscape Files" is located right away in that directory..
or you have to go to C:/Users/*Your Computer Account Username*{Not Heroscape}/ and you shuold see "Heroscape Files" in there. Delete that whole folder...and Voala!